Royal Decree and Treason

Khanid II, King of the Khanid holders, decreed that his kingdom and the Amarr Empire will reconcile their differences.

Why there are differences is a history lesson for later, but part of the negotiations is military aid in the ongoing 24th Crusade. In return, Khanid Kingdom has a seat on the Emperor's Privy Council, whilst keeping its independence.

Military aid is where I came in.

We Khanid are excellent fighters, with a long martial tradition. Discipline, and cunning are the ideals we strive for. We adhere to past doctrines, but welcome new innovations. We never discount a path to victory.

In ancient times, our ancestors rode into battle on steeds, covered in armour, wielding a variety of weapons. I honour this tradition.

I am Behnid Arcani, son of the Arcani Holder family. We are relatively small family compared to the larger Holders, but we lay claim to a wealthy chain of islands on Khanid Prime.

I fight for the Crusade, but my King routinely sends me on other missions. My last was to investigate Anoikis, those systems only reachable by wormholes.

The Crusade and exploring wormholes may have been a death sentence, but the Arcani are ever eager to walk in dark places. There are many shadows to learn from in these places. However, when the Empire fleets led capsuleers to their deaths at the Rubicon Massacare, I could no longer fight for the Amarr.

I left, and joined Stay Frosty, a rag tag band of freedom fighters out against the empires. I learned to pirate from them, and learned that honour doesn't come from a shiny badge. A traitor to my people, my family back on Khanid Prime ultimately paid the price. They are in hiding now, our ancestral lands divided among our former rivals.

I know this was my fault. I know my actions caused this. I also believed that Khanid, Amarr, and the Crusade must pay. The Republic's Tribal Liberation Force helped me sate some of my thirst for vengeance.

But as the months rolled on, and as reports of my families slow recovery filtered in, I came to realise
the futility of striking a blow at the Empire through fighting in the militias. In the end, I was not attacking the Amarr, but other capsuleers. Even my time in Stay Frosty, despite it being fun, was not any sort of rebellion against the Empress.

So now I drift. When the mood takes me, I fight in the militias. When it doesn't, I explore space. I don't find myself beholden to any one cause any more, save to follow my families ancient code. I learn. I discover. I record, and try to teach. It is directionless, but I do not feel it is wasted or uncomfortable. Perhaps this is how the first Arcanis felt when they laid down their code.

Walk in dark places.
Learn from shadows.
Bring the light.

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