Sunday, 2 February 2014

Back to the Academy: Introduction

This has nothing to do with spaceships.

At least not directly. Tomorrow, I will be beginning a DELTA course. When I'm not in the pod, I have a hobby of teaching languages. I've found a great deal of work out in low-sec, as the fringes between the trade hubs often have their own dialects and tongues.

The DELTA course is a two month long marathon, including input sessions and practical teaching observations. Why am I doing this? The teaching jobs I do directly contribute to my Pilot's License. Once I've done this course, funding the license will become easier, and I can spend less time badgering my market servant.

What I'll be learning are different approaches to teaching languages. I'll be posting up some of what I learn on here.

Whilst it does not directly link into piloting professional development, the things I've learnt as a teacher have helped me at the pilots stick immensely. Lessons learned in running a classroom can be applied to running a corporation, and of course, training new capsuleers.

I doubt many will find it that interesting, but so long as one person picks up on the ideas and gets an advantage from it, then I'll be happy. That's what these web posts are for... giving my fellow capsuleers ideas and inspiration.

And yes, this does mean I'm going to spend less time in the pilot's seat. That's another reason I write this. 

So when I do get into space, I make the most of my time...

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