Saturday, 29 March 2014

A letter to Rixx Javix

A letter to Rixx Javix, CEO of Stay Frosty, and Notorious Gentlemen of Impeccable Character

Dear Mr. Javix,

I am a formal man, and despite the informal and open way your organisation deals with recruitment, I wanted to give you the courtesy of an official resignation notice. I will be leaving Stay Frosty, to work for the Republic.

This is not a criticism of your corporation. For a group of capsuleers on the darker side of the law, I have found you to be the most welcoming, and most deserving allies in all of New Eden. Although I was one of your quieter pilots, corporation communications always warmed the void of space. I thank you and all Frosties for this.

I am, however, simply not a pirate. Despite flying your colors, and battling militia on both sides of the conflict, I cannot pull the trigger on civilians. For me, that seems to be a fairly glaring flaw in a pirate. I will sign a contract with the Tribal Liberation Force. Mercenary and vagabond are titles that suit me better for now.

I want to thank you for this glimpse of freedom in the stars. Your corporation showed me that we needn't be dogs to the Empires, or to other capsuleers. I wish you, Stay Frosty, and A Band Apart all the best fortune in the world. I may yet return home to Hevrice.

In the mean time, may your targets be stabless, and your targeting computer ECM free. If you're ever in Metropolis, I look forward to crossing fire with you.

Best regards,

Behnid Arcani

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