Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Strategikon Arcani: Patrol planning: Solo

Time for my first sortie.

Before I even un-docked from Station, I planned out my route. Using a reputable mapping service, I plotted a loop around the Bleak Lands and Devoid.

My objective: Engage pilots in solo duels.

The trick here is to avoid larger roaming fleets. Systems with high numbers of jumps are to be avoided. Large numbers of jumps are indicative of high traffic, and more organised patrol groups. Whilst the traditional Minmatar warrior is very much the heroic personal challenge seeker, the modern Republic soldier has adopted more conservative (and much more effective) military doctrines. This growth in tactical maturity has led to larger patrols focusing fire on single targets.

This is not to be treated as cowardice. Intelligent combat is always better than brave and foolish.

Systems with very-low to no jumps are to be avoided as well, but marked for later. There will be fewer targets here, and thus longer before any meaningful engagement can be made. However, these should be marked for later capture. Victory comes with the capture of systems, not with the number of enemy dead. Equally, the rewards for capturing plexes are higher than that of destroying enemy ships, and rewards will directly fund our own operations.

The course you plot will reflect your daring. Higher traffic will mean higher risk. You will have to decide what risk you will take.

To re-iterate the Strategikon's teachings here:

  • Plot your course
  • Avoid high traffic
  • Avoid very-low to no traffic.
Again, I am by no means a master. Please give your own insights into this strategy.

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