Thursday, 8 May 2014

Breaking news: Evidence of Caldari theft of Imperial designs!

Patent clerics of the Amarr Imperial navy went into full swing today, as evidence of the new Moa designs were released to the general public:

"I don't know how they dare to show this to people!" said Speis Tur'ki, Senior Ship-designer of Imperial Armaments, "Even a basic look at the blue-prints reveals the core of our Prophecy battle-cruiser!"

Placed side-by-side, the resemblance is striking. Engineers and manufacturers for Imperial Armaments have confirmed that, if the armour and extensive drone bays were stripped from the Prophecy-class battle-cruiser hull, the internal structure looks near identical to the proposed Moa designs.

"Everything, from the engine housing to the nacelle turret placement has been stolen by those [censored]!" says Tur'ki, grandson of the original designer of the Prophecy.

He went on to explain the story of where his grandfather got the inspiration for the long-serving battle-cruiser. He recounts the tale of a family holiday to a farm turned tragic after a savage attack from one of the livestock.

A spokesman from the sub-contracted corporation involved in the Moa redesign admits there are similarities, and calls it a homage to the iconic Amarr warbird, but was also determined to remind people of the significant differences between the two ships.

"For a start, the Moa isn't quite so fat!" the spokesman said in an emergency press conference, "But the real differences lie in the engineering and electronic systems. The shield emitters are so far in advance of the dated Prophecy, they're incomparable. And the wingy bits move! I'd like to see Amarr engineers manage that!"

If the allegations are true, it is unclear how the Caldari obtained such detailed information of the Prophecy. Some claim Khanid involvement. It's well documented that Khanid Innovations have been given license to develop the Prophecy hull, culminating in the Damnation command ship.

Khanid Innovations has declined comment on this subject, but their collaboration with Caldari ship designers is well known.

This argument is unlikely to have a resolution. Imperial bureaucracy moves notoriously slowly, and Caldari corporate lawyers are renowned in the cluster for delaying many investigations for decades.

The new Moa designs are likely to go into full production, despite these cries of fowl play.

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  1. "And the wingy bits move! I'd like to see Amarr engineers manage that!"