Thursday, 1 May 2014

Accelerated schedule

... and the problems it brings.

Put simply, my hunting in NPC null-sec has been lucrative beyond my expectations. I was imagining spending at least a month getting used to null-sec pirate patterns, and refining both ratting and capsuleer avoidance techniques.

But, after two weeks of about 10 minutes hunting a day, I've earned enough to start the next phase of my plan, and also filed my depots with enough loot to fill an industrial ship... well before I have the capacity to haul it.

I'm not ready to begin the move, and find that it's not worth my time to hang around.

And I ran out of ammo. That's a significant problem.

I'm still deciding between getting Benh, my market partner, to train up advanced hauler sills, or asking his wife stationed in Amarr to begin learning. She only has the basic capsuleer pilot training, as we all expected her to be tied to a desk to support region trading. However, if I skill her up as a dedicated hauler, she'll be able to transport my region traded goods as well, saving me about 10 million a week. That's a whole Rifter!

So, I have a few weeks of vacation time whilst I decide what to do.

I've decided to finish off my Rifter ammunition experiments. I did a few disastrous runs in the past few days, and discovered my capsuleer combat skills atrophied to the point of embarrassment. Whilst I experiment with Rifters, I'll try to get my skills back up to at least an acceptable level. So, I've bought a stack of Rifters, and will work my way through them, until I'm getting confirmed kills again.

It wasn't all bad though, which is something I'll talk about in the next post.

In case you were wondering... I got my loot out of the Wildlands by fitting up a Wreathe with a few Warp core stabilizers. I went in when no one was looking, and got out with everything in tact. I did get caught by a bubble, but there was no pilot patrolling it, meaning it presented only a mildly annoying speed bump.

Needless to say, taking an uncloaked industrial to Null-sec via Low-sec was an incredible risk which you should never do. Let me repeat that: DO NOT TAKE AN UNCLOAKED INDUSTRIAL TO NULL-SEC VIA LOW-SEC. However, the Wildlands are very thinly populated. I only felt concerned zipping through Molden Heath.

Of course, that does give you an idea of the level of security Null-sec gives you. Even Benh was attacked on his trade route. Single incident, but my bomber spent most of its time in the Wildlands quite alone.

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