Monday, 12 August 2013

Setting a goal

So after a week long shore leave from the front, I've decided that solo fighting on its own is not satisfying enough.

I understand that many pilots enjoy it, and I can see the appeal, but I've always preferred building, logistics and strategies to a fist fight. No to say I don't enjoy them from time to time... a good warrior should always keep his basic combat skills sharp. But I feel I can, and thus, should be doing more.

In any case, my King keeps asking for progress reports. A few destroyed frigates has not been satisfying him either.

So, I want to create a Savaran, or corporation of pilots.

The reason is simple. The Crusade needs bastions.

For a single roaming militia member, the most annoying thing is losing your ship, and having  long trek back to your staging area to re-ship, and fight again. Another problem with patrolling deep into enemy territory, is that you are not allowed to dock in enemy held stations. This is more significant for Amarr pilots, as armour does not replenish itself... and any true cataphract of the Kingdom trusts in his armour.

The Crusade needs bastions placed at regular intervals across the war zone, to allow faster re-deployment of our pilots, and keep them from frustrations of logistics.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to lead a corp, or even the mechanics to maintain it. But, as my family's oath states: Learn from shadows. I intend to learn more about how to fight in this war zone. And any training program needs goals.

Action Plan

  1. Get 5 solo kills
  2. Particiapate in 5 sieges
  3. Command a fleet of frigates
  4. Develop frigate fleet strategies and tactics
  5. Command 5 frigate fleets
  6. Command a fleet of cruisers
  7. Develop cruiser fleet strategies and tactics
  8. Command 5 cruiser fleets
  9. Command an I-Hub siege fleet
  10. Develop siege fleet strategies and tactics
  11. Command 5 siege fleets
  12. Create a corporation
During these steps, I will be creating a format for my corporation to maintain a bastion.

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