Saturday, 17 August 2013

Walk in dark places

With all the press about the unfortunately named CFC and renters lately, I've been tempted to join a null-sec corporation.

The siren song of sovereignty null sec is certainly a sweet one. It's the battlefield that receives the most attention, and the most reporting. the battles are titanic, the logistical challenges absorbing, and even mining can be a great adventure.

My Oath calls me to walk in dark places, and the space in null-sec is certainly the darkest. The shadows there have great knowledge.

Planetary Interaction is strong there. Null sec regional trading should keep Benh as happy as a pig in mud.

There are certainly many reasons to go to Null.

There are, however, a few problems.

Fleet fights are incredibly dull. Usually a rank and file member won't even know what's happening. He will click on the primary target, lock and fire, without any input on overall strategy and tactics. Eventually, he will be primaried, and that will be the end of his battle.

The Rules. All null-sec alliances have strict rules and regulations. These rules are absolutely necessary for these null-sec entities to operate. Whilst I can appreciate this, my Khanid blood roars at answering to any man's laws except my King's!

Finally, the people.

Whilst the Crusade is packed to the brim of unsavory types, I am not affiliated with them, nor do I have to put up with their churlish behavior to succeed in my goals. If I were to join a Null-sec entity, I would be at the mercy of immaturity and often downright offensive capsuleers. Their reputation would precede my own, and I'd rather not listen to endless litanies about certain male organs, or the the inferiority of whoever they happen to be mildly annoyed by that week.

I'm sure there are great pilots in sovereign null-sec. But these good people allow their names to be marked by the apes flinging feces around them.

In short, Null-sec has it's appeal. But I'd want to go there on my terms. Not on someone else's. I'm happy to learn from shadows, but I refuse to become one.

Perhaps a plan for the future, but for now, the Crusade is where I belong.

At least until Khanid II deems otherwise.  

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