Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Astrometrics Training

It's a foolish man that dives into a wormhole with rusty scanning skills.

I am not a novice when it comes to the gentle art of scanning. But it has been a long time since I did any serious exploration. I assigned myself a week of training in scanning. Here is my vessel:

A Khanid vessel! How fine it is the wear the black!

The Anathema is a fine vessel. Its name derives from an Amarrian root, meaning 'something cursed'. Odd choice for a ship of any kind, but the name has a deep root in old Khanid: 'something dedicated'. This ship certainly is dedicated to exploration. The Covert Operations ships are generally the most specialized of New Eden, their full focus devoted to finding things in the dark.

As far as non-combat exploration goes, fitting does not take a great deal of fore-thought. Simply fit a cloak, core probe launcher, a hacking unit and a relic analyzer. After that it's your choice. 

My personal preference is a Micro Warpdrive. I also keep a pair of rocket launchers in the bay, in case I come across some easy pirates. Remember, this is not a fighting ship... if you find more than you can battle, run. 

My training mission will be in Khanid space. I hope to get some shore leave in my family's holdings at the same, and hunt around for some local landmarks. I will be looking for relic and data sites. Once I have my scaning eye in, I'll depart to Anoikis,

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