Monday, 28 April 2014

Nomadikon: Survival Kit

Living entirely out of a depot is proving an interesting way to live.

But now that I'm here in the Wildlands, there are certain things I brought that I wish I hadn't, and certain things I didn't bring that would be very helpful right now (and I'm hoping a lucky pirate kill will oblige me).

So here's a quick draft of what I'll call the "Nomad Survival Kit". I'll probably be heavily editing this list as I learn more about this way of life, and I'll leave a page up at the top of the site for people to use later on.

Survival Kit

  • Ammunition 
  • Salvager
  • Cargo expanders
  • Core probe launcher (and probes)
  • Combat probe launcher (and probes)
  • Armour/hull repairer
  • Mobile Depots
  • Cloaking device
  • Warp scrambler

Ammunition is fairly self-explanatory. You'll have T1 drops of what you shoot, but you're much better off using faction ammunition. This is, however, the last thing I'd pack. You'll want to bring as much as you can, so pack the other items first, and pad out with ammunition.

The salvager is for salvaging wrecks. Not necessarily needed, but salvage materials, with their great ISK to cargo space ratio are nothing to be sniffed at for the nomad conscious of a bursting hold. That, and removing the wreck will hide your trail in a 'busy' system.

Cargo expanders are a must, if only for the trip out and for the eventual moving day. These are, of course, fit into every low you have. I know someone out there is trembling at the thought of not having warp core stabilizers... well, we'll need to trust in out cloak. The truth is that a dedicated ambush camp will kill you, and the warp core stabilizers are not going to help with that.

The Core probe launcher is to find an escape route if the net closes in on you, and you're not confident in your ability to sneak past. You can also use it to scan down combat sites. I count it as a travel fit item.

The combat probe launcher... I'm sure you can find a use for that.

The armour and hull repairer is something that sadly I wish I'd thought of before flying out here. My bomber took some armour damage, and there's no way for me to repair that outside of visiting a station. The hull repairer is for the same reason. It only needs to be a cheap one, but obviously, the better it it, the less time you'll be spending uncloaked and repairing.

As discussed earlier, you'll need at lest two mobile depots. Oddly enough, they're more secure after you've deployed them, rather than keeping them sitting in a hold. You'll have to balance the number you take with how much ammunition you bring.

Cloaking device will keep you alive. Never fly without one. That is all.

Warp scrambler is a bit of a thorny issue with me. On the one hand, I don't really advocate piracy, or at least I find the actual act of it something I can't do. On the other, We really need to use any resource presenting itself. A mining barge with strip miners is worth at least a million in loot and salvage. So, I'll put it there as an option. Be warned though: We're better off co-existing with locals rather than earning their ire, leading to better relations with them and less chance of a battleship group parking itself in system.

As for the thing I wish I'd left behind? I brought a small pulse laser for dealing with frigates. After using it, it's not really worth it. It doesn't hurt, but the bomber's torpedoes deal with frigates well enough. The lasers damage just isn't enough to justify mounting it.

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