Saturday, 16 May 2015

Evidence: Scope video

Scope video

Well, here's a little evidence as to why the Jove observatories all had consistent damage marks. They were dismantled in the same parts by Drifters and Circadian Sleepers.

So one question answered. My conclusion before was wrong about the internal explosion, and instead was a careful extraction by another force.

The video states that Antikythera was being harvested by the Drifters and Sleepers. What this does and why they want it is unclear.

We can speculate its purpose form its name; it refers to a startling find of an ancient cosmology 'computer'. Don't be mistaken... it was a hand powered gear calculator, not a fully electronic piece of equipment. It predicted movements of observed stars. Nearly accurately too!

Again, whoever gave it this name in New Eden apparently knows more than we do, and is disinclined to share. I'd rather not draw serious conclusions from interpretation of a name, but if this substance is needed to observe some cosmological phenomena, it could give us a reason for the observatories.

Hypothesis: The observatories are only incidentally used to spy on the Empires and capsuleers. I suggest it was actually used to search for a cosmological event throughout the New Eden cluster.

The Jove were looking for something in space. Not to gather more information on the inhabitants of New Eden. This would explain the name observatory, as opposed to listening station, and why so many stations were needed as opposed to cloaked ships.

So. Questions to answer:

What does antikythera actually do?
What is the actual spread of Jove Observatories across New Eden?
How old are these things?
What information is collected by these observatories?
Why do the sleepers still hang around the observatories after the antikythera has been extracted?

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