Sunday, 27 July 2014

Future capsuleers

After investigating the single planet in the system that gave our cluster it's name, it was time to leave a message to the capsuleers that would follow.

Despite having written this many blog posts, I am not such a fantastic writer. It takes a good deal of time for me to say anything of interest, and there are reams of deleted words that will never see the light of your monitors.

However, since this is the first step of my farewell voyage aboard the Farewell, I wanted to leave something at least a little poignant.

Aftersome thought, I warped out to one of the distant cans, and burned a respectable distance away from it. I made sure my position was still in sight of the gate, and set up my depot.

Here folows my message:

"For the future capsuleers of New Eden. May our mistakes show you a new way."

Well. That's that.

My next item was to clear a sleeper site. It only seemed fitting that I take a wormhole from the Eve Gate system. 

I found two, one leading back to low-sec, and one into wormhole space. 

I could go back to the militias. I could begin again fighting the 'good' fight for whoever's coin was shiniest. I could answer Benh's frantic emails about the state of our investments. I could do so many things back in that comfortable routine. 

I entered the wormhole.

Unknown space beckoned.

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