Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lords of New Eden

This is a new style of post for me.

When I escaped a gate camp, I wondered if people would enjoy reading about the anonymous capsuleers that make up our cluster. I regret not finding out why the campers were there, or even their names, as I suspect they'd love the notoriety of being fearsome pirates.

With the aim of spreading the notoriety and highlighting the lesser known stories of the cluster, I present to you, the Lords of New Eden:

Easily Excited Holding.

Why are the the rulers of New Eden? Since they have a customs office in orbit around the sole planet in the New Eden system.

I had a look to see if there were any extraction operations in progress on the planet, but could find none. It's purely a flag planted in the New Eden system. Not surprising, since a barren planet this far from any trade hub in a dead end low-sec system is barely worth the industrial used to transport the command center.

However, here they are, the dominant presence of the system holding the Eve Gate. I'm sure the Sisters are seething at their presumption!

They probably won't be holding on to it for very long after this post. Some other entity will probably go and stake their own claim on the spiritual hub of the cluster. However, this record will always remain; once they were the lords of New Eden.

As an aside, anyone looking to set up a more permanent memorial to someone may want to consider putting up their own POCO instead of leaving a can... but then again, that could lead to some seriously tricky moral questions. Best to leave a less contentious depot.

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