Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The ship

(Evidently real life conspires to thwart my grand plans of leaving New Eden in the style I'd like to. Of course I don't think someones out to specifically stop me flying, but this is a little suspicious.)

My first item to tick off the list will be a trip out to the Eve Gate.

It was actually the first landmark I went to visit in New Eden. I took a Rifter out there, feeling very brave at the time as I navigated through the hazards of low sec.

Taking a look at some maps, and checking for ship destruction data, I probably shouldn't have felt as brave as I did.

Experience tends to make a mockery of youth's achievements.

But anyway, it was a good trip, and ironically happened about the time I first joined a militia. My memory is a bit hazy on which militia it was, but I was flying a Rifter at the time. It may have been the Tribal Liberation Force.

All I really remember from those times was flying out to a battle and seeing the Eve Gate on the way back. Oh, and soloing a Rupture. I nearly won, which came as a shock to me at the time.

When I got to the Gate, the entrance was strewn with anchored containers, slowly decaying into the stars. Messages were left on these containers by previous visitors, and I recall a few. Some were the simple "Eric was here" sort of graffiti you find on bathroom stalls across the cluster, and some were actually moving comments left by explorers. One had the unforgettable quote:

"We came. We saw. We squeeed."

I remember cursing that I didn't bring my own message to leave spinning in space for the next few, and vowed I'd come back to leave my temporary mark.

Time to make good on that vow.

For ships, as much as I love the Rifter, it's not suitable for the rigors of this journey. I'll be taking my Astero. Cloaked, and designed for these missions with no seeming end, it should be flexible enough to do whatever needs done.

I'll be carrying most of what I need in the hold. Fortunately I came up with a list of essentials from my camps in null-sec. For this particular trip, I'll be carrying an extra Mobile Depot, to leave the message.

The name of the ship took a great deal of thought. Typically my ship names are sentimental acknowledgments of the dreams I have outside of New Eden. But this time, such things didn't seem to be appropriate. I'd rather it be an acknowledgement of the things I'll leave behind IN New Eden.

I'd also like something similar to Clear Skies. Not an aggressive name to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies, but one that merely wishes for a peaceful journey.

So, when I un-dock for the Eve gate, it'll be in the freshly christened: Farewell.

Shot across the Hek star. 

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