Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Monolith

Whilst the Eve Gate is certainly the main attraction of the little Genesis cul-de-sac, there is another little curious site. Nestled in an off-shoot of the original trail, is a floating black monolith.

I had dropped out of the militia without too much fuss. One less mercenary didn't warrant much fanfare. I may join up with another corp whilst I do my last errands in New Eden, but I doubt I’ll try.

Solo capsuleer to the end really.

The trip from Hek to Genesis was fairly uneventful. Surprisingly there was a rather poor attempt at a gate camp leading into the Eve Gate constellation. Not very competent, they managed to lock my Astero up, but a quick burn back to the gate got me free without even the shields getting scratched.

I think if something like that happens again, I’ll get the names of the capsuleers doing it. Not out of any naming and shaming, but I think they’d enjoy the notoriety. There might be something in that.

Back to the monolith.

The system is Dead End. Clearly our ancestors found nothing of value here, and named the system accordingly.

For my part, I didn't stay long. Low-sec is never really good space to hang around, even if you are flying in cloaked ship. And I was eager to get to my end point. I stuck around long enough to note the pirates hanging around the monolith, and get a snapshot.

The pirates were Blood Raiders, by the way. The bounties were worth about 500k all together. I can’t speculate as to their interest in the monolith, but there's probably a story there. I was already on my way to the Eve Gate before it occurred to me to have a closer look around the system.

I tried to tell myself I would do that next time. But 'next time' wasn't the purpose of this trip.

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