Saturday, 19 July 2014

Quitting Eve

Well. It's bee a long time since I've been in space.

Or even in station.

Or written a single word.

My apologies. It turns out moving country is magnitudes more difficult when it's more than just one person. I've done it myself dozens of times before, but my usual exit strategy of "Sell off junk, throw clothes in single bag, get on plane" doesn't take into account my wife's things.

She has a lot of clothes.

I always thought this was just a cliche joke.

She has two, half-meter high boxes of shoes...

Regardless, a lot of the leg work on moving out has been done, and I finally have a little time to get back to New Eden.

These past few months have been quite revealing in terms of how I think about the game. I did a number of workshops at school on Game Design for Classrooms, and I spent a lot of time thinking about Eve... if not actually playing it.

It also brought to light the severe limitations of my writing style. I try to keep in character. Behnid is the author of my New Eden tales, and I but his humble scribe. However, the limitation of that is then when I find a nifty mechanic or un-examined part of the universe, I need to look at it in terms of the character living there.

But the biggest revelation was the realization that I would one day quit Eve, as yesterday's cryptic and over-dramatic blog post eluded to. Not through any dissatisfaction, but eventually life will take over, and even the 20 minute micro hunts of faction warfare will become a struggle. And there're other games I want to play, starting with Eve with swords and magic: Pathfinder MMO.

So, I will be quitting Eve.

At least eventually.

Eve Hermit brought up the idea of how you felt about our game time in his Winning Eve post, and what it would mean if the servers went down tomorrow. Well, I wouldn't say I didn't have fun. But I would feel an incredible loss for the things I hadn't done/seen.

I aim to correct that.

From now on, I will try a different play style, or go look for a new experience in New Eden, as fast as skill point accumulation will allow.

I'd like as many suggestions as you can give me.

The criteria will be quite broad: meeting Eve celebrities in space, seeing curios/unique structures in space, and even testing out the more esoteric and under valued play styles.

My list so far includes:
  • Visit the Eve Gate
  • Duel Rixx Javix
  • Run a sleeper site.
  • See a black hole.
  • See Chribba's Veldnaught
  • See Mittanigrad
  • Duel Jack Dancer in a Breacher.
  • Ninja mine in Low-sec
The only restrictions I ca say would be to keep the suggestions on the more pleasant side of Eve, and keep them achievable by one player. Scam a miner isn't something I want to experience, and ripping apart the CFC is probably a little beyond my budget.

Before anyone can ask for it, I will be using all of my remaining assets to support this new project. Any thing left over will be converted to PLEX, and held for the next PLEX for Good campaign. So no, you can't have my stuff.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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