Saturday, 2 August 2014

Back to Low-sec

Honestly don't remember where I got this picture, but I know it's not mine.
Well, it's clear that the Astero is not going to be up to the task of running a sleeper site.

I'm going to need something of at least battlecruiser caliber, particularly if I'm planning on doing this on my own. Whilst I have perfect piloting skills for battlecruisers of all races, my medium weapons skills (both trained and practical experience) are quite limited.

I'll probably be taking a Harbinger into the hole. No real reason, other than I quite like the hull, and I've been feeling a hankering for lasers of late. It's also because medium pulses are one of the few mid-sized weapon sets I have any competence in. I'm near the same level of competence in projectiles, but I don't have that much confidence in the weapon system, at least as far as long-term wormhole patrols go.

Fortunately, I have other things on my list to get on with whilst I skill up. I'l be hunting down some Mordu's Legion ships.

This runs in tandem with a little niggle I've been having at the back of my mind lately: Is it possible to get a decent income hunting low-sec Non-capsuleer pirates (NCPs) these days?

In the Great Wildlands, I managed to get a decent amount of ISK from bombing the NCP battleships there. I'm a little curious as to whether or not you could get similar results in low-sec (which would be a thousand times easier to get loot to market).

I'll be attempting this in a PvP fit ship, so that other mercenaries and pirates in low-sec can have see an alternative income source accessible whilst they roam. It also gives me another option instead of running from people interfering in my project.

So, the following ship choice criteria need to be met:
  • Must be fit with medium lasers
  • Must be PvP capable
  • Solo capable
  • Preferably cheap...
Not a lot of choice there, coming down to either Maller or Omen, and arguably any Amarr ship is meant to be used in a fleet. Most laser boats are too vulnerable to, well, any unconventional weaponry. Neutralizers, dampeners, and turret disruptors are all very effective on tough but inflexible Amarr ships, and most fleets make up for these shortcomings with heavy logistic support.

The Omen is slightly more flexible in dealing with frigates than the Maller, partly due to it's expanded drone bay, and I've heard that it's firepower can take one of the field in short order. Sounds good if any capsuleer pirates decide to take an interest in the experiment!

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