Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bonus post: Hurricane in a teacup

I was looking through the thread on clothing in the official Eve forums, and was disappointed that traditional Khanid clothes are still not available to capsuleers, and that we are forced to wear whatever sanctified robe comes out of Amarr.

Not that I think there's anything wrong with them, I just wish they made more different cultures clothing in capsuleer sizes.

However, I found this response to the thread:
"Best part about eve is all the freedom and crap you can do, swearing, trolling, etc., the only respectable mmo I've played that doesn't bring me down by trying to be child friendly. Even if people wanted to walk around in underwear, it would still be in the spirit of the game to allow it. And on that note, is anything truly wrong with a bathing suit? This is the first time I've bothered to take an interest in this new cosmetic part of the game and its a pretty big downer."
- Alestra Demoness of the TinklePee corporation.

Now the thread itself is a fine example of a storm in a tea cup. What started as a simple request devolved into a heated debate, where (Overheat Diplomacy) someone very passionately believes in something that most people would consider of relatively minor importance (/Diplomacy).

But that reply is particularly worrying.

New Eden is all about the swearing and trolling? And somehow this is a respectable game?

Apparently it is in the spirit of the universe to allow capsuleers to walk around in their underwear.

It's hard to say how misguided an opinion this is without coming off as prudish, or simply old. Maybe that's true. Maybe I am settling into my maturity a little too well. I'll consider that next time I jump at the chance to go underwear shopping with my wife.

I still think the image is bad. And it tars the rest of us with the same brush. I've never seen this world as a place where I can simply be cruel to other people. I very rarely swear either. I certainly don't consider it to be a right I have in space. But people who hear I'm a capsuleer will see comments like that, and assume I'm the same.

They'll assume that you, gentle reader, are the same too.

So that's bad. People will join the sleepers simply to avoid being associated with that kind of juvenile false-maturity. Older capsuleers in particular, those who actually have the patience and experience to train new pilots, would simply assume this life is not for them.

Mabrick recently wrote about how it's damaging New Eden. I have to agree.

I simply have to agree.

But on the upside, the thread gave me inspiration for this Hurricane in a tea cup picture!

Tea cup image from here

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