Friday, 1 August 2014

Lost pioneers

Despite being fairly useless for my purposes, a group of capsuleers once made this place their home.

All of the planets in system had POCOs up, and there was even a Gallente station in orbit around one of the outlying moons.

Wormholes usually require a lot of operational security (i.e. hiding), but bearing in mind what I found, I think I can reveal the residents of this system without ruffling too many feathers.

The Hordes of Belial own this system.

I didn't see much evidence of their existence other than the space structures. The POS itself was still running near as I could tell, but I must admit utter ignorance when it comes to station upkeep. They could still be active, or the hole could have been abandoned.

The POS name didn't leave me hopeful that they still lived here: Hearse.

Even so, from these probable remains of a once running corp, we can learn a few tricks.

The POS itself was in orbit around a moon far from the center of the system. If I hadn't flown out to it's planet to get a picture, I probably would have missed it all together. That's a neat trick, and I recommend anyone living in a hole, or out of the way system to try the same.

Well, since no one responded to hails, I took the low-sec wormhole back to civilization. I have some other low-sec things to do on my list, and might as well take the opportunity to get some planning done.

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