Friday, 18 April 2014

A brief oddyssey

Occasionally I get the deep desire to go to wormholes.

And why not? They're exciting places. New space, with weird and wonderful creatures infesting their lonely space lanes. Almost unspoiled systems. And treasure. An awful lot of treasure to be found.

I jumped in my Astero to find the nearest wormhole I could, and go looking for treasure.

And the first one was 2 jumps out of Hek!

I leapt inside and...

Found myself in low-sec. Thrilling.

Well, treasure turns up in odd places. I warped out to a nearby belt to make a safe-spot.

Quick tip: Making a safe spot in every system you come into is a good habit to get into to. Never know when it might come in handy. The procedure is simple: bookmark your location in warp. Their are four levels of safe:

  1. A bookmarked location between two known orbitals (stations etc.). 
  2. A bookmarked location between a safe and a known orbital. 
  3. A bookmarked location between two safes.
  4. A bookmarked location out of D-Scan range from the furthest orbital of the sun (now all but impossible to get).
Anyway, at the belt I found the wreck of a clone pirate. Un-looted. Clearly someone got scared by me entering system, and left even the very valuable tag inside. Nice.

So, with a hold suddenly worth a great deal of money, I dropped back through the wormhole to the tune of 10 million ISK. Not bad for what amounted to a few system jumps.

It did start me thinking though. I have been spinning my heels around Metropolis and the Crusade stomping grounds for a bit too long. And my Rifter experiments haven't born much in the way of good news. 

Maybe it's time for a change of pace.

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