Saturday, 26 April 2014

War record: Trade Log

So yeah, I get to do one of these things.

I was running a not inconsiderable amount of stuff from Amarr to Hek two days ago in my Wreathe. Now, to be fair, I really wasn't paying attention. I know I should take more care with hauling, but, well... read on. And besides, I really wanted to find out what happened to Vinneti. Those long hauls are good reading time, and I'm a sucker for Gallente crime stories.

I jumped into a system, and span up the warp coils for a jump. Suddenly, alarms go off, I get little red warning lights flashing in my eyes along with a big red warning light flooding the pod with crimson. I also spilled my pod-kaf.

I looked up from my reader and saw that someone had taken a good chunk out of my shields. Out of reflex, I hammered on the defenses (read: Damage Control Unit), and prepared for combat! (read: to die horribly)

Or at least I would have if I wasn't already halfway across the system and slowing down for the next gate jump.


So, yeah, that was my first time being the target of a gank. It... did not go so well for the ganker. Now, don't get me wrong, he took a big chunk out of my shields. But he lost a ship for his troubles, and judging by the chunk taken out of my shields, it was a big ship.

I've heard of this Burn Jita thing. I did the run that night to avoid having to deal with it. Honestly, I'm not sure it was worth the extra effort. Seems like gankers these days haven't quite worked out that T1 industrial ships are tougher than they used to be.

Ah well.

If I were the boss I'd go into a full-blown discourse on warp-mechanics and gank avoidance strategies. I don't have time for that, and know the exact reason I got caught: my ship wasn't named, therefore was unlucky.

Fixed that problem. Debt Dodger will again make the trip out to Amarr in a couple of weeks.

Why Debt Dodger? Well, that refers to this time in Dodixie, when I needed to make a quick get away after a not-quite-on-the-books deal. Let's just say electro-magnets were involved. See why I like those Gallente crime novels? Reminds me of my well-spent youth.

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