Monday, 21 April 2014

Day Tripping

Time for a holiday from Faction Warfare. But where to go?

I spend the majority of my time in low sec and high sec. Honestly, a bit more high sec. I do my shopping in hubs and strike out from there, with re-supply caches dotted around low sec.

Quick tip: Little caches spread out across space gets you into fights faster than one big supply depot in a single system. A little more prep-work, and definitely something to consider at a corporation level. If I could follow my own advice in this matter, I'd have a much healthier kill board.

New Eden offers a variety of interesting holiday destinations for the discerning capsuleer. I've done wormholes before, but I've only ever been to Null-sec once or twice in my entire career.

So what can I do in Null-sec? Go and take a system? Sounds like to much work. Hunt down some sov alliance miners? I tried that in piracy... didn't really work.

But I would like to visit.

So, I fit up a stealth bomber, and left to have a look around. Why the bomber? Because it's very effective at dealing with the mundane, non-capsuleer pirates that infest the belts of 0.0. I planned on making a little cash whilst I'm out there.

And I did! In about 30 minutes of idle hopping around I made 10 million ISK, including drops.

I went to the closest null-sec region, The Great Wildlands. It was easy enough to get in. Passing through Molden Heath meant that most of the would-be gate campers were scared off by the various pirate corps that live there.

I think I might have gone on record as saying this already, but pirates are good people.

I went a few systems into null sec, and marveled at the empty systems. I warped out to a belt, and promptly earned 1 million ISK in bounties, and another half in loot.

I jumped to the next belt, and tried my luck against a battle cruiser group. Half a million in bounties, a further half in loot.

I repeated this process and within 4 belts, had enough for a new Rifter. I wasn't even being efficient with it. I was testing out torpedoes against frigates to see how fast I could take them. The answer was, not very fast at all. If I was truly ISK focused, I would warp in, blast the battleships, bookmark and and loot, ignoring the frigates.

The only problem I could see was that my little bomber couldn't haul off with all of the loot. Battleship drops tend to be battleship size, and whilst they're worth a good deal of ISK, I couldn't carry much.

Honestly, it was a nice break from the chaos of low sec. Peculiar as that sounds in totally lawless space.

And it did start the idea mill turning...

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