Thursday, 10 April 2014

The right ship for the job

Before you even undock, you need to think about what you plan on doing.

Seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how often people get into space without having a clue what they're doing or even why they're doing it.

You can't choose a ship unless you know what you need to do. In the most extreme cases, you'll have someone fitting auto-cannons to a Badger, and going out to conquer null-sec. Seems silly*, but you'll see a lot of similar cases in space. Things like that Coercer in a close orbit around the entry point of a complex.

The Coercer pilot didn't know their ship. They read some advice, along the lines of 'if you brawl stay close to the entry point' and 'brawling is the bravest way to fight'. They then got into the most deadly ship they can fly, and died in big explosion from that Breacher sneaking in under their guns.

This highlights a couple of mistakes.

First up, not realizing the Coercer is better for long range. There will be times when you want to get up close to a ship (maybe fighting against a cruiser for example), but if you're waiting in a plex, a bit of distance will mean melting that Breacher before it can even set it's drones on you.

Second, is not understanding the theory behind close orbiting. We do that to make sure we catch any kiters before they can get out to their preferred orbits. However, it's not a case of do it and succeed. You need a scrambler to catch those kiters, and a web to keep them from coasting out of range. Attempting to do the same trick with a warp disruptor will lead to a fiery death.

And that's only the fitting stage. You also need to have the discipline to focus first on web and scram, and then start applying firepower. I usually follow the advice of 'He who punches first, punches last', but in this case, if you don't have that kiter before their MWD launches them to safety, you've lost. It'll be a slow death, and you might be able to slingshot them back into your grasp. But I wouldn't count on it.

The third mistake is worrying what other people think about you. So what if you used a kiting strategy? That's just the ship you're flying. Hek, if you're the one in a defensive position, the bastard chose to fight a kiting ship. They certainly can't complain when that kiting strategy took them down.

What matters is that you survived the encounter. They may get frustrated, but if they can't learn from the loss, then that's their problem. You clearly learned your lesson. That's why you get the LP for the plex, and the bounty for their ship.

My oath gives me the strength and focus to develop myself as a pilot. Learn from the shadows. Learn from your past defeats. Bring your light of understanding. Then when you go walking in dark places, you just might come back alive.

And with some kill-mails to prove you've been there.

*But being the man I am, I've just had a quick think about how that could work. It involves siphon units, wormholes and a hold full of exotic dancers. You'd be surprised how many great ideas involve a hold full of exotic dancers.

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