Saturday, 5 April 2014

Crisis of funding

Well, turns out bring branded a traitor had greater repercussions than I thought.

Put simply, the ISKredit card I was using to fund my Pilot License has expired, and I've been officially barred from space. Ordinarily, the banks on Khanid would just send me a new one. Apparently, they don't do that for traitors living in Hek.

I will eventually get a new one. Nations rarely impede banks in their business, and the wealth generated by a single capsuleer is, well, astronomical. A family member who has yet to disown me is working on a courier as we speak... but that could take a month or two.

It's not really a problem. CONCORD gives you a 4 hour grace period to purchase a PLEX from the markets. I have a few in storage*, and cashed in one.

However, it does mean I'm running low on funds. To put it in perspective, I'm down to about 100 Rifters, in wealth. That's not bad, but it's also not good. If I continue to rely on PLEX, then that will dwindle fast. If I want to keep my little organisation running, I'll need to work on funding for the next month.

This does push back the Rifter experiments, and my desire to move to cruisers. Hopefully we can get back to them at some point.

*PLEX almost always increase in price. If you're looking to take time off, or have too much cash that you don't have interest in trading, they are a good investment.

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